Grapevine inoculation with GLRaV-3 isolates

At the beginning of Mart our variety of grapevine plants were inoculated with different GLRaV-3 isiolates. Plants were infected with only one of GLRaV-3 variant (monophyletic isolates), and with combination of genetic variants (polyphyletic isolates). In some minor extend plant were also infected with mixt viral isolates composed of GLRaV-3 and other viruses that are the most abundant in our grapevine plants. Those are field isolates. In total we inoculated around 300 plants. Some part of the plants remained uninoculated and will serve as control plants. This experiment was designed to examine the biological characteristics of the genetic variants of GLRaV-3, their combinations and field isolates and to elucidate the behavior of GLRaV-3 virus and its variants in terms of replication in host plants and host responses to virus presence.